Figures published by the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) this week highlight some worrying figures for the Government’s flagship energy saving scheme.  The only figure which seemed to give any cause for optimism throughout last year was the number of Green Deal Assessments that were being carried out but now even that figure is showing cause for concern with the number of households applying for assessments by 21% during December to just over 12,000. 

Other statistics give little more comfort - only 626 households had measures installed and financed by Green Deal whilst a total of 1,612 had active "green deal" plans in progress. 

One key indicator on this rise however was the number of households receiving "cashback" under the scheme which rose to more than 10,500.  That said the vast majority of these deals related to straightforward boiler replacements as opposed to insulation improvements.

Paul King, chief executive of the UK's Green Building Council, said: "This latest set of figures, coming a year since the policy launched, should come as a wake-up call to government that the green deal is not delivering in its current form."  He went on to say “Government must recognise energy efficiency as a national infrastructure priority and be prepared to delve into its purse to make its flagship policy more appealing through stronger incentives and more attractive finance options."

New Year and more bad news for Green Deal as number of assessments fall