Monthly Meeting- Plymouth

From 06.09.2016 18:00 until 06.09.2016 21:00

At the George Inn 191 Ridgeway Plympton, Plymouth PL7 2HJ

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For this months DCHI meeting, we will be welcoming Sunamp to provide information about this interesting Heat Storage system. We will also have the Conventions discussions and Food. Please come along and join in.

Sunamp Heat Batteries Sunamp designs, produces and sells non-toxic, compact highly efficient Heat Batteries that can be used to store heat for a number of applications including many renewable and low carbon technologies.Sunamp has immense growth potential not only in the Built Environment in the UK but also many other industry sectors and worldwide markets. Sunamp Heat Batteries makes sense for all consumers who want to make their renewables work better as the Heat Batteries deliver heat and hot water on demand.

We are also being visited by Redwell Infrared Heating-
Rather than heating and circulating the air in the room like traditional heating systems, infrared heats you directly as well as the very fabric of your building. This includes the walls, the furniture and any other objects in it.

These objects then release heat to you at a slow and steady rate, furthering the effect of the infrared heating system. For example, stone used in the construction of a building will absorb a considerable amount of heat and release it back out over time. The end result is that your building stays warmer for longer so you can run your heating less often and keep energy bills down.