DCHI Exeter Meeting

From 04.07.2017 18:00 until 04.07.2017 21:30

At The Ley Arms Kenn Exeter EX6 7UW

Posted by Andrew Nunn

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We are really pleased to be able to host a presentation from "ARBNCO" at this meeting. They have developed a interesting piece of software that can be utilised in MEES assessments of non- domestic buildings, and give guidance based on the existing EPC recommendations from any uploaded XML as to what would be worthwhile and cost-effective updates to the building to achieve the E banding or better. See https://arbnco.com/ for an insight into what this platform can offer to all non-domestic assessors.

Just a heads up for all No Domestic assessors who may get involved in the potentially complicated assessment of existing buildings that have fallen below bands G & F, and who’s owners are interested in "uplifting" the score to E or D in the near future. There is a new software platform, ARBNCO https://arbnco.com/ that will enable you to upload ANY Non-Dom EPC xml obtainable from landmark, and perform in-depth analysis of the potential upgrades and their likely outcomes for clients. I have had a number of discussions around price and functionality with Ruth who is the Product Manager for the software. Whilst it is available, the pricing structure is not set in stone, especially for smaller buildings, and they have agreed to come to the Exeter Meeting on 4th of July to demo. the software and to discuss its applications with DCHI. This is a great opportunity to be involved and help shape a piece of software that could well be very useful to all NDEAs in the MEES area.

Can I please encourage all NDEAs to come along and participate in this exciting presentation. I'm sure that DCHI members and the representatives for ARBNCO will find the evening mutually beneficial.

This will be an interesting evening, and is bound to be useful for future MEES related assessments.

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