Non Domestic Masterclass

From 27.11.2019 09:00 until 27.11.2019 16:00

At Exeter Court Hotel, Kennford, Exeter, EX6 7UX

Posted by Andrew Nunn

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DCHI is pleased to announce that this year the Non-Domestic masterclass will be provided in conjunction with Elmhurst.

The cost for DCHI members will be £85; non DCHI members £140.

This will be a high-quality presentation including refreshments and a buffet lunch at the venue.

Below is an overview of the proposed presentation content as a guide. 

The Building Services CPD covers the following topics;


The timetable for the day will be.

Registration-9.00 (Tea & Coffee)

Start 9.30 Session 1

11.30 break (Tea & Coffee)

12.00 Session 2

13.00 Lunch

13.30 Session 3

14.15 comfort break (Tea & Coffee?)

14.30 Session 4

16.00 End

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